This is an audiovisual project of the Out-Ziders Collective,
looking for approaches to the idea of travel,
juxtaposed with this cinematic medium.

The viewpoints offered
from different shifting perspectives are the concepts
of the chapters 
which make up the project.

They are visions which refer to the lack of 
preconceived ideas about travel.
For this reason, the project has no title,
 so as not to impede its development.

It doesn’t have a starting point,
or a final destination.
What matters is the journey.

The convention of following one line
is not to go against another,
but to follow your own path.

There is no prior purpose in your own aims,
but routes, paths marked and signed
by intuition from lessons learned and past break-ups.

Visionary. Resolute.

Initiatives without explicit iconography.
Revolutionary in themselves.

They transcend time,
and emerge when trends oppress
the imagination of the individual.

To dream about the view of visual utopia
is to make the journey itself
without obvious images or stories.



Idea, script, editing and production: Juanlu Carrasco
Interpretation and voice: Concha Mata
Sound: Juanlu Carrasco, samplers:
 “Everybody In The Place” (Fairground Edit) 1991
single by The Prodigy
“Where Have They Gone”, album “Self Assembly” 2000 
by Noonday Underground
Images and photography: Juanlu Carrasco, fragments:
“Limite” 1930, script and direction: Mário Peixoto,
photography: Edgar Brasil, appears Olga Breno
“Night Tide” 1961, script and direction: Curtis Harrington, appears Dennis Hopper
Out-Ziders 2017-2018


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